The purpose of this project is to design and mass-produce kits for a floating tiny house that can sail. It combines high-tech modeling and fabrication and low-tech assembly that can be carried out DIY-style on a riverbank or a beach. This boat is a 3-bedroom with a kitchen, a sauna and a dining room. The deck is big enough to throw dance parties. It can be used as a river boat, a canal boat or even a beach house. Oh, and it's rugged and stable enough to take out on the ocean. Kits will start at around $50k (USD). The design has been tested in simulation and prototype; full-scale production will begin next year.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Prince Kropotkin is for sale!

I am selling my sailboat in preparation for building the first Quidnon. It's a proven and capable ocean cruiser set up for living aboard, either at a marina, at a mooring or anchor, for coastal cruising and for the open ocean. It's in good condition, carefully maintained, reasonably priced at 28,500 USD and is a turnkey solution for someone who wants to live aboard and cruise around. Here is the full listing with all the details. If you are interested, please contact the broker, Capt. Mark Covington.


  1. Dmitry,,,
    Great listing of what seems to be a well-sorted-out and very capable vessel. It seems to be a great value for the price. GLWTS of it.
    It is precisely the listing many of us are waiting for, only for the similarly kitted-up and ready-to-go Quidnon.
    Any idea on when a similarly-complete Quidnon listing might be seen?
    I, for one, can't wait.
    Best wishes,,,locojhon

    1. It depends, among other things, on how well this boat sells. And then it depends on how many people buy and build the kit, and outfit it as well as this boat, and then want to sell it. In short, it all depends on you.